Siemens Flexible Duty Motors


The SIMOTICS FD motor series has been specifically developed

for operation with SINAMICS converters. To supplement our

portfolio in the low-voltage motor range, a water-cooled version

for line operation has been created.

• The optimized efficiency results in lower operating costs.

• The high power density and compact design ensure low

space requirements combined with low weight.

• An optimally harmonized and coordinated drive system is

created as the motor is optimally matched to the converter. For

instance, it has optimized noise levels, the converter does not

have to be derated and the temperature rise is low.

• The cast-iron housing and bearing plates are extremely rigid

and rugged and can therefore be subject to high stress levels.

They have excellent vibration damping properties and are

resistant to corrosion.

• The bearings are designed for maximum reliability, which

results in good vibration characteristics, a long service life and

low maintenance costs.

• The DURIGNIT IR 2000 insulation system with VPI or current

UV impregnation results in high reliability, a long service life

and high resistance to stress, for example, during starting or

under overload conditions.

• Due to the low noise emission level, the stringent requirements

of occupational health and safety are fulfilled without the need

for any additional measures.

Increased power

With SIMOTICS FD we have increased the power density so that

we offer higher power for the same frame size.

Optimally harmonized for converter operation

The new motor series has been optimized for operation with

SINAMICS G120P, G130, G150, S120, S120CM and S150

converters with regard to converter output currents and voltage


Through the use of optimized pulse patterns and the new nonribbed

enclosure, the SIMOTICS FD and converter system is

optimized from a noise perspective.

Higher degree of flexibility

As a result of the new motor design, SIMOTICS FD motors fulfill

the most exacting customer requirements in terms of variance

and mounted options. For instance, the optimized motor design

allows terminal boxes, separately-driven, external fans and

mounted coolers to be flexibly mounted as required and monitoring

devices can be added easily.

Improved design

The optimized housing in a modern design has an attractive

appearance and enhances functionality as a result of the

flexible, modular system. For instance, this is ensured by the

optimized, easy to access terminal box that has been newly

developed, with flexible terminal box position.

Wider range of applications

The motors are available in country and sector-specific versions,

complying with the relevant regulations, standards and directives.


With their numerous options, the SIMOTICS FD motor series can

be used in all areas of industry. Paper, steel, energy, marine,

chemical, water/wastewater are just some examples of the

sectors addressed.

The available types of construction are IM B3, IM B35 and IM V1

according to EN 60034-7. IP55/IP54 is the standard degree of

protection (IP23 for open-circuit ventilation).

The wide field of applications that can be addressed includes,

for example, the following:

• Pumps

• Fans

• Compressors

• Cranes

• Propeller drives, bow thrusters

• Paper machines

• Winches

• Centrifuges

• Handling lines

• Conveyor belts

• Rolling mills

• Extruders